Friday, November 17, 2017

5 observations from Celtics' gritty win over Warriors

Jaylen Brown comes up huge

In a game that featured six All-Stars, it was sophomore forward Jaylen Brownthat looked the most impressive.

Brown was a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the floor. He used his athleticism to play dogged defense on the perimeter, while also showing no fear with his somewhat inconsistent jumper. His insatiable hustle won extra possessions for the Celtics and it was his aggression that sparked Boston's third-quarter comeback.

Kyrie Irving goes mask off

The mask was clearly bothering Irving, so he just ditched it altogether.

Irving scored 2-of-9 for five points in his first 23 minutes with the mask on. He was off with the jumper and couldn't execute his signature finishes in traffic.

Surviving the third

The Warriors, in their typically unattached way, were content to trade punches with the Celtics in the first half, confident that they had the knockout punch in the third quarter.

Foul disparity

The Celtics, playing on their home floor, were the beneficiaries of a friendly whistle. The Warriors were called for nearly twice as many fouls from the first quarter onward, and a few questionable calls down the stretch helped decide the game.

Splash Brothers were ice cold

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 22 points, which is less than half their combined season average.

Credit some dogged perimeter defense by the Celtics. Smart and Terry Roziergrabbed and bumped Curry whenever he was off the ball, refused to be screened, then used their length advantage to swarm him on the perimeter. They did the same with Thompson, and got attentive help from their bigs who always made sure to step up to take away any airspace off the high screen.


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