Sunday, January 7, 2018

West Ham’s Josh Cullen has tooth kicked out of his mouth during FA Cup draw with Shrewsbury

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West Ham’s Josh Cullen has tooth kicked out of his mouth during FA Cup draw with Shrewsbury

Isn’t the FA Cup third round just magical?

Viewers of BBC 1 were blessed with live coverage of West Ham’s trip to League One’s Shrewsbury this afternoon.

And wouldn’t you know it? The two teams played out a stale 0-0.

And now we have to do it all again at the London StadiumPA:Press Association

Highlights include Joe Hart wearing a West Ham fan’s hat to shield his eyes from the midlands sun…

And poor Josh Cullen unknowingly volunteering for some experimental dentistry midway through the second half.

West Ham’s 21-year-old midfielder lost a tooth when he was kicked in the face while competing for a loose ball…

Cullen’s tooth went flying out there!! Watch in slow mo!!

— Gorgeous Porgeous (@FulhamHarv) January 7, 2018

His tooth comes flying out there! 😷😬 #Cullen #SHRWHU

— Oninja (@OrigamiNinja79) January 7, 2018

First team debut to remember for Cullen. Front teeth smashed out then made to stand in your pants on national TV 🤣🤣🤣

— michael younger (@michaelyounger1) January 7, 2018

Not the peaceful Sunday afternoon most of us would like.

Cullen showed admirable courage in his determination to carry on and finish the game.

He was taken directly to hospital after the final whistle for treatment.

The West Ham physio was seen picking the loose tooth out of the turf before preserving it in milk, according to the BBC’s commentary.

Strong lookGetty Images - Getty

The whole thing left us wondering… would you rather watch that game again or have a tooth kicked out of your mouth?

It’s tough one…


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