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The goalkeepers’ union have started their traditional slamming of the World Cup ball

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The goalkeepers’ union have started their traditional slamming of the World Cup ball

The World Cup is many things to many people.

It’s Pele laying it off for Carlos Alberto, it’s Diego Maradona’s hand but more importantly, his feet, it’s front-flipping Miroslav Klose, Andres Iniesta and Mario Gotze’s extra-time winners…

But more deep down at its core, the World Cup is goalkeepers slagging off the ball.

If De Gea’s going to struggle, what hope do the others have?Getty - Contributor

Don’t let this tradition’s recency detract from its nobility.

England’s Paul Robinson wasn’t impressed with the ‘plastic casing’ of the Adidas Teamgeist in 2006.

“When the ball gets wet, it’s even worse,” he told the BBC.

“It’s as if the new ball has a plastic casing around it.

“It doesn’t even have to be a shot from Roberto Carlos or Ronaldinho, the ball will be moving about all over the place.”

Moving all over the place, wasn’t it Paul?AP:Associated Press

The infamy of 2010’s Jabulani is well known.

Adidas’ effort for the first World Cup on African soil was widely criticised by the goalkeepers’ union™.

Iker Casillas described it as being ‘like a beach ball’, Hugo Lloris called it a ‘disaster’, while Gigi Buffon simply branded it ‘shameful’.

Turns out he gets on with beach ballsEPA

USA keeper Marcus Hahnemann said: “Technologay is not everything.

“Scientists came up with the atom bomb; it doesn’t mean we should have invented it”

Fun fact: a Jabulani hangs in London’s Design Museum as an example of a product not fit for purpose.

Diego Forlan aka ‘The Jabulani whisperer’AFP

2014’s Brazuca was spared the treatment — there must have been greater matters for the keepers to attend to in Brazil.

But this year, the complaints have returned.

Speaking about Adidas’ Telstar 18, Pepe Reina said: “I bet you as much as you like that we’ll see at least 35 goals from long range [in Russia], because it’s impossible to work out.

“And it’s covered in a plastic film that makes it difficult to hold on to.

“Goalkeepers are going to have a lot of problems with this ball.

“They should change it – there’s still time.”

Don’t think it’ll cause you too much trouble from your seat on the bench, PepeAFP or licensors

David De Gea backed up his compatriot, saying: “It’s really strange.

“It could have been made better.”

Marc-Andre ter Stegen led the charge from Germany’s camp.

“The ball could be better; it moves a lot,” he said.

“But I think we’re just going to have to get used to working with it, and try to get to grips with it as quickly as possible before the World Cup starts.”

Ter Stegen is less keeper and more deep, deep, deep-lying playmakerGetty - Contributor

Fair play to the keepers for once again getting their excuses in early.

We hear that 2022 ball is a right nightmare…

Credit to the definitely follow-worthy Adam Hurrey for reminding us of this motif.

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